The Investigators


Fjodor F. Fjodor


Hi. My name is Fjodor Fjodorewitsch Fjodor. I come from a small town in Russia called Nastrowostock. I nearly spend my whole life in Nastrowostock.  There I joined the legendary “Academia for serious and unserious music”.
To be true, Nastrowostock is a very poor town. So they couldn’t afford any professors or teachers for the “Academia for serious and unserious music”. Also they couldn’t afford any instruments. There was only one – a Bass Guitar with only one string. And the Bass Guitar had the string only in the summer. In winter the people of Nastrowostock use the string to cut the frozen fish.
One day I heard, that Punk rock was very popular in the West. That sounded good to me, so I stole the Bass Guitar and made my way. One day I entered a bar. There I found the three very drunk other guys. They told me that the play Punk rock. So I said: “Okay – I play Punk rock too.” They said “Then we play together”. And as welcome-present, every one of these three gave me a string for my Bass Guitar – fucking bastards!!!!